Earth Month Fun for (Little and Big) Kids 🍃

Earth Month Fun for (Little and Big) Kids 🍃

We’re well into Earth Month and, as a brand that is entirely predicated on sustainability and giving people alternative choices to the environmentally damaging fast fashion industry, we can barely stop talking about the good we do. 😉 But let's talk today about the good you can do!

Did you know where Earth Day came from? I was a pretty early adopter of being into the planet-positive thing - well before it was cool, in the 90s, I was a founding member of my high school’s Earth Club. (My tiny little town wasn’t renowned for being particularly ahead of the curve on these matters - I’d just befriended a couple of granola girl cousins whose fascinting-to-me family had moved to town from a Big City and their interest in and knowledge of recycling and composting and the planet as a whole captured the imagination of this curious kid tremendously.)

What is the Origin of Earth Day?

But I learned then that Earth Day was born in response to the a big oil spill in the late 60s, and was the first time in history that millions of people collectively demanded action on environmental issues. Its success led to the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, the passage of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

Over the years, Earth Day shifted into Earth Week and now we collectively spend the entire month of April raising awareness about environmental protection and sustainability - cue Earth Month.

Last year, we took our 5 littles (can I still call them that at 9 to 14?) out for what my teenaged Earth Club founding member called a trash-a-thon - we spent an afternoon cleaning up the ditches around Sandbanks Provincial Park in Ontario. (The littlest one found a $20 bill at the end which they collectively deemed Earth’s thank you for taking care of it.) 
Getting kids involved in Earth Day activities is one of those little things you can do with your kids to make sure they're always aware of the importance of being good environmental stewards. With that in mind, I thought I'd put together a few fun ideas to help kids connect with their planet. (I've put the full list here but these are my top three.)

Earth Day Activities to Do with Kids

  1. Storytime in Nature: Take kids to a local park or nature reserve and bring along some environmental-themed books to read together. Find a shady spot under a tree and enjoy storytime surrounded by nature. This is best for the supersmalls, just connecting in a natural environment.
  2. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items found in nature (leaves, flowers, rocks, animal tracks, whatever). Take the kiddos to a nearby park and let them explore while searching for the items on the list. This is good to help littler kids learn to appreciate the abundance of nature.
  3. Plant a Garden: Teach kids about the importance of plants in our ecosystem by planting a tree in your backyard, herbs in your local community garden, or flowers or vegetables in pots. This helps them see that they can be a contributor to enhancing nature.
  4. DIY Bird Feeders: Help kids make simple bird feeders using recycled materials such as plastic bottles, milk cartons, or pinecones. Hang the feeders in your yard or a nearby park and observe the birds that come to feed. This is a great one for not only speaking about reuse and recycling, but also to connect kids with wildlife and understand they can help care for them.
  5. Upcycling Crafts: Turn recyclable materials such as cardboard tubes, egg cartons, and plastic bottles into fun crafts. Kids can make birdhouses, planters, or sculptures using their imagination and creativity. 
  6. Nature Art: Encourage kids to get creative with nature-themed art projects. They could make leaf rubbings, paint rocks, or create collages using materials found in nature like leaves, flowers, and sticks. A great one again for the smaller citizens, just learning to see how much nature has to offer.
  7. Outdoor Games: Play outdoor games that promote physical activity and appreciation for nature. Ideas include nature-themed scavenger hunts, tag with a twist (where players pretend to be animals), or a game of "I Spy" focusing on natural objects.
  8. Nature Journaling: Give kids notebooks and pencils and encourage them to observe and document the plants, animals, and landscapes they encounter. They can draw pictures, write descriptions, or even press flowers and leaves as keepsakes. This teaches a great appreciation for the world around us.
  9. Nature Clean-Up: Organize a neighbourhood clean-up where kids can pick up litter and trash from local parks, beaches, or streets. Make it a fun challenge by seeing who can collect the most trash or the most unusual item.
  10. Family Bike Ride or Hike: Explore the great outdoors as a family by going for a bike ride or hike in a nearby nature trail or park. Take breaks along the way to appreciate the natural beauty and discuss the importance of preserving it. A great activity for the older kids, because you can really engage them in conversations about conservation and planet protection.

Our Annual 1% for the Planet Donations

And for the grownups: April is also the month we renew our 1% for the Planet membership, donating 1% of our sales from the last 365 days to planet-impacting initiatives. We invited our whole team to select a foundation from 1% for the Planet’s approved partners - it’s our own way of making sure those who work on building our brand every day have a personal investment in our environmental stewardship. This year our top three picks from the team were:

If you have any further ideas or stories to share on what you did with your little ones for Earth Month, my inbox is always open

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