how to join

To join, simply open the widget in the bottom right corner of the site that says "my rewards". It will prompt you to sign up or login.

If you've previously shopped with us and created an account, please use this to login. If you're new, simply select sign up and create your account.

Once you login to your account, you can click the my rewards widget in the bottom right corner again. It will show you your points balance and any rewards currently available for you to use.

Anyone who creates an account at checkout is automatically enrolled in our rewards program. Do not checkout as a guest if you want to earn points on your order.

how to earn

You earn points every single time you shop with us - 5 points for every dollar (CAD), to be exact.

Rewards members earn points for every purchase and must make a purchase once a year to retain their loyalty program points.

how to check your balance

To check your balance, simply open the "my rewards" widget in the bottom right corner of the site. You will be prompted to login.

Once you login, open the widget again. You will see your points balance and any available redemption opportunities here.

how to redeem points

To redeem your rewards points, simply open the my rewards widget in the bottom right corner of the site. It will show you available rewards and allow you to redeem them.

When you select redeem, you will be given a code to use at the checkout in the "Discount" field.

You must be logged into your account to redeem your rewards.

can i combine my points with discount codes?

Points cannot be combined with promotional or discount codes, but are valid on all full price and marked down sale rack items on the site.

can i use my points on sale items?

Points are valid on any full price or marked down items in the sale rack on the site.

Points cannot be combined with any other promotional or discount codes.

points expiration

Our rewards point expire after a year of inactivity.

If your account is inactive with no purchases for 12 months, your points will automatically expire.

In order to keep your existing points, you’ll need to make a minimum of one purchase every 12 months.

sustainable 🍃 ethical 🤝 no 💩

✨ just the best kids clothes for the planet.

Since 2008, we've made the softest, the snuggest, the coziest, the coolest baby, toddler, and kids clothes on (and for) the planet, created ethically at factories that pay employees a living wage, with sustainable materials that don't leave our planet worse off than we found it. We believe in passing it on, and our stuff is built to be beautifully outgrown, resold, and reworn by kid after kid after kid. We make our best basics for their best future, and we're so happy you and your little minimalist are part of the famm.

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