On pressing the gas ✌️ and offsetting the impact. 🌎

On pressing the gas ✌️ and offsetting the impact. 🌎

It's been a busy week over at the mm headquarters, as we finally completed the last steps of our warehouse move, taking us straight into the next stage: trade show mania.
We're heading to our first show in Vegas in May and the workload to get there is heavy. We're creating a whimsical wonderland of floating babies, toddlers, and kids playing in nature (at least that's how I keep describing it to our team 🙈) and there are about a bajillion pieces to bring together. I think it's going to be nothing short of magical and we're really ready to introduce our beautiful brand to all kinds of new families around the world.
When you run a sustainable brand, the instinct can be to grow slowly. I have a bit of a different feel for things - but there's a method to the madness. To me, our primary reason for being is to be a game-changing force for good, empowering families to create a better future for all kids. To give families an alternative, ethically sustainable option to the fast fashion options all over the place. 
To adjust to considering resale value and how products can live many lives. To shift towards thinking about cost per wear rather than product cost. To consider who's paying the price (read: mostly women in economically challenged regions) when you see a $10 pair of pants on Temu. 😞
If we don't press on the proverbial gas (and accordingly offset that impact ✌️ as a Climate Neutral Certified brand and 1% for the Planet member), we're slowing down our ability to create real impact in this world. 
I'll admit it. I'm a lifelong entrepreneur, 27 years in. It's extraordinarily hard for me to not press on that gas under the best of circumstances. But this feels to me like more than a business, more than a brand - it's a mmission and it's as real as real gets. 
As we continue to imagine the best kids clothes for the planet, and see your littles wearing and sharing the iconic basics we spend our lives obsessing over, we would love for you and your families to step on that gas with us (don't worry, we'll offset the impact 🫶). If you'd consider sharing us with your family and friends (earn 10% of their shops when you do!), sharing a photo or video of your little ones on Instagram or Tiktok, or simply sorting out your kids' spring looks in our closet, we're always grateful for the love and support!
I love to get your input as always - my inbox is open! Have a beautiful weekend and let's keep making the world a little bit better, every day, together. 😊

PS: As we warm into spring weather, our Cloud Collection is ready to layer them up in lightweight, GOTS-certified organic cotton jersey. I can't live without the Cloud HoodiesCloud Skinny Sweats, and Cloud Tees!
sustainable 🍃 ethical 🤝 no 💩

✨ just the best kids clothes for the planet.

Since 2008, we've made the softest, the snuggest, the coziest, the coolest baby, toddler, and kids clothes on (and for) the planet, created ethically at factories that pay employees a living wage, with sustainable materials that don't leave our planet worse off than we found it. We believe in passing it on, and our stuff is built to be beautifully outgrown, resold, and reworn by kid after kid after kid. We make our best basics for their best future, and we're so happy you and your little minimalist are part of the famm.

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