Why We Design to Maximize Wear Per Use

Why We Design to Maximize Wear Per Use

Well, we are coming up to the end of April and what an Earth Month it’s been. (Psst: don’t miss your last chance to celebrate it with the code EARTHWEEK for 15% off sitewide.) I hope you had a chance to celebrate with your little ones and teach them a bit more about caring for their planet! 🌎 
With the shift in weather, it feels like spring cleaning mode. Our five kids range from 9 to 15 so it seems like something is always shifting from one closet to another, but it gets trickier still in the seasonal shifts. I have always been big on layers to try to minimize the volume of single-season options. (You would’ve seen  my youngest in her summer-purchased Cloud Rolled Sleeve Dress layered over fall-shopped Mod Joggers and a winter-added Cozy Hoodie all winter.)
It’s a big part of the ethos of how we create product at mini mioche. For us, sustainability isn’t just about the fabrics you choose or the way you manufacture - or even just the reusability. (All of which do matter a ton!) But the idea of maximizing wears per item is deeply driven into both the quality and the styles of the pieces we produce for the littles in your lives to make sure we are getting you kids clothes that actually have a sustainable life cycle! (We hope when you're clearing out your kids' closets this spring, you're able to find multiple uses for your fall and winter shopped pieces - love to hear how you're styling them.) 
And I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’ve started carrying more neutral and neutral-adjacent shades across our collection year-round. The intent here is that everything we create is designed to optimize mix-and-match-ability to max out the wears per style. (Never again shall we sell two similar-but-different-enough-to-mismatch shades of green for you to try to coordinate from two different seasons.)

We had some beautiful new, non-toxic year-round shades land this week just in time for your spring closets. 🌈 Here are a few of my faves this week!
Happy spring, and I hope your seasonal shifts are seamless!
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Since 2008, we've made the softest, the snuggest, the coziest, the coolest baby, toddler, and kids clothes on (and for) the planet, created ethically at factories that pay employees a living wage, with sustainable materials that don't leave our planet worse off than we found it. We believe in passing it on, and our stuff is built to be beautifully outgrown, resold, and reworn by kid after kid after kid. We make our best basics for their best future, and we're so happy you and your little minimalist are part of the famm.

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