❌ Why Some of Our Styles Have to Go.

❌ Why Some of Our Styles Have to Go.

Over the last few months, we've been talking a lot about the products we create, and what it means to be a core style. These are must-have essentials - items that will stand the test of a five-years-between-kids age gap and still be just as perfect as it was when you first bought it
Part of this is reconsidering old styles (do we really need another variation of a cardi when a cardi is really an occasional dress-up item?), and another part is considering what's missing.
One of the things that I felt was missing from our collection was a multi-purpose, deeply functional dress - designed not for looking adorable (though it is!) but for exploring, playing, and growing. Something that handled shifts in weather just like a layer would, was non-restrictive in design, had storage built in, and would last for years whether they sprung up or were a slow bloomer. A dress designed be inclusive - to allow every child wearing it to play with the same enthusiasm as their pants-and-a-hoodie wearing counterparts.
(Some may say my obsession with the Cozy Hoodie Dress is because I have a daughter who was at the top of the play structure from the moment she could climb.)
Fast fashion contributes more annual carbon emissions to our planet than all of the world's international flights combined 😫 so I'm driven to ensure that our stuff isn't just adorable, but actually purposeful. Every piece we make needs to have a clear reason for being - as much about the utility and functionality to the child as the cuteness to the grownups.

I'd welcome your feedback on what else you think is missing - have your kids had any favourite pieces that aren't captured by our core basics collection?
- Jacquelyn
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